We Develop and Implement
New-age teaching learning kits
To strengthen foundational literacy


सात-सीढ़ी is a new-age English program lovingly crafted in India for Indian children.
It is a premium teach-kit with 7 modules. One kit is enough to teach many groups of children.
A must-have resource for schools, learning centres, volunteers and parents!

Let’s learn to read Hindi…Quickly!

कमाल is a teach-kit to learn Hindi quickly. Parents & educators can use it to teach Hindi reading capabilities.

कमाल takes the students from व्यंजन to मात्रा and finally to reading small stories and passages. All in a matter of 3 months!

What is your Curiosity Quotient (CQ)?

TiFO Challenge is a high-impact & minimally invasive quiz-model for middle schools.

We piloted TiFO with 4,000 students from 25 mainstream schools. This has given us the confidence to take this to state/national level.

Effective, scalable & affordable solution for CSRs / Education Depts

We partner with CSRs, Education Departments and Foundations to implement Communicative English program in primary schools.

Currently, we are working with more than 70 govt primary schools across Uttarakhand, UP and Haryana.

सात-सीढ़ी is the result of 9 years of intensive research and on-ground teaching. It evolved from its earlier version called TiFO English Lab. It aims to transition students from Letters to Stories & role-plays within 6 months. It has numerous interesting activities and interactive games.

Its unique approach makes it easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn and easy-to-monitor. Any teacher with average English skills can facilitate its sessions. Its building-block approach allows teachers from different classes to use it in parallel. To optimize the cost, we’ve done away with student work-books.

This is a plug-n-play resource and only 1 kit is good enough for a small to medium primary school. Teaching instructions are in simple Hinglish. Currently, it comes in English and Hindi versions. Soon, we will come out with other regional languages.

सात-सीढ़ी comes in an attractive carry bag. It is an effective and much-loved teach-kit for volunteers, teachers, CSRs, NGOs, education departments and learning centres. An invaluable resource for every primary school!

Role Models

In this journey, we came across a few individuals who had a deep positive impact on us.
We are honoured to have a few of these wonderful people listed here.
Thank you for all the positivity, creativity, sincerity & commitment!





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