Note: सात-सीढ़ी evolved from its earlier version TiFO English Lab

“Firstly, I would like to thank you for introducing TIFO to us. It’s really helpful and enthusiastic. Learning English has become easy with TIFO. Its exercises are very useful to our students. I can see them learning and enjoying during TIFO sessions. I can see a clear improvement in their English.”

-Preeti Vishwakarma
Srishti Learning Centre, New Delhi

“We found TiFO English Lab very useful for both primary and high school students. The TiFO kits with fun-filled activities led to a joyful learning and promoted self-learning among students which shows good improvement of English in students.”

-SRF Foundation

“Children are enjoying the TiFO classes and me too.”

-Jyoti Bansal

Smriddhi Learning Centre, Vaishali

“Seen improvement in English in students. Students taking interest in learning and how to pronounce English words.”

-Abha Rani, Class 2
Smriddhi Learning Centre, Vaishali

“Presently learning scrabble. Seen improvement in reading and listening skills in English words.”

-Jyoti Joshi, Class 3
Smriddhi Learning Centre, Vaishali 

“Presently teaching circle time and Bingo.

Circle Time: seen good improvement in reading English words by this method.

Bingo: Students take it as a mind game and taking more interest in classroom during study.”

-Pushpa Joshi, Class 4
Smriddhi Learning Centre, Vaishali

“TiFO the English language kit is working out well as an accelerator kit for kids at government schools. The simplistic and unique approach of this kit has been very effective for our program.”

-Himanshu Rai Sharma
Project Manager, Nucleus Software Foundation

“Specialized English Teaching Kits have been introduced at Sshrishti Learning Centre, facilitated by Mr. Shantanu Tandon, Discovery Club. Teachers of SLC underwent orientation and training for the same.

The kit aids in teaching English to children in innovative, creative and engaging ways in order to hold the interest of the students and lead to better learning results.”


“We have seen an improvement in reading skill as well as speaking skill also. As of now students are doing conversation in English in Sonkh school.”

-Nisha Juneja
Project Coordinator, SRF Foundation, Mewat

Students are able to learn new words. They are now building their own words. Students enjoy the Good Morning Activity, Rhymes and Good-Bye Activities. They also enjoy BINGO as well. TiFO is an enjoyable class. They are learning with eager. It’s more effective for weak students.”

Neelam Yadav (Class 1)
Samarth Jyoti, Naharpur

“मेरी क्लास का एक स्टूडेंट जो स्कूल रेगुलर नहीं आता था क्लास में आने लगा है (आकाश).

मेरी क्लास के ४ स्टूडेंट्स जो बिलकुल नहीं बोलते थे, बोलने लगे हैं. सभी बच्चे prayer और good Morning कराने के लिए अपनी बारी आने के लिए learn करने लगे हैं.  मैंने स्टूडेंट्स को TiFO का होमवर्क भी दिया जो कि सभी बच्चों ने किया और हमारे सभी subjects में हमने इसका काफ़ी महत्व लिया.”

-Archana Tyagi (class 2)
Samarth Jyoti, Naharpur 

मेरी क्लास में बच्चे बहुत interest ले रहे हैं. इनमें दो बच्चे ऐसे थे जो क्लास में बोलते ही नहीं थे, लेकिन TiFO class में उन्होंने बोलना शुरू कर दिया है. बच्चों ने Word Train से बहुत से new words सीखे हैं. बहुत से meanings बच्चों को learn हो गए हैं. Pronunciation भी बच्चे सही सीख रहे हैं.

-Monica (Class 3)
Samarth Jyoti, Naharpur 

@ Doon School, Dehradun

“This workshop was an amazing one. Time flew when we were here and we didn’t want to go. My peers as well as me learnt a lot and it was an out-of-body experience. We learnt to think on our feet and admit that we really don’t know that much. Overall a grand experience and HOPE IT HAPPENS AGAIN.”

“Dear Mr. Tandon, Your workshop, as I initially thought, would be about Quizzing and Quizzing only. Yet, when I came (late) for the first time. You introduced to us aplethora of teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking activities. My personal favourites were the spellings, Quiz and debating activities. You made the class fun, which also served as a bonding activity. Best wishes for now and later on!”

“It was an excellent experience with so much of learning and fun. Thank you so much Sir for coming to our school and you are a great and very gentle person.”

“The workshop was fantastic Shantnu Sir! You ROCK & so does your workshop. Please visit here again at Doon. You are welcome to come by. Keep up your tremendous job!! Debates, Quizzes and Games all were awesome!! ENJOYED!”

“It was a great experience. We got to know about the spellings that we commonly make mistakes in. We got to brush up our facts about G.K. We were made aware of the mistakes that we commit during debating.

On the whole it was a good experience. I enjoyed it very much JJ”

“I really enjoyed the workshop and I am taking a lot of things with myself. VERY HELPFUL.”

“It was great. I learnt a lot…Hope we have it again in school. Learnt how to play Sudoku. JJ”

“Dear Shantnu Sir, The workshop was really superb. I loved your effort you put in the workshop and made it a big success. I had a lot of fun and learnt many things. I look forward to see you again at school. “

“I liked this workshop. Hope you visit our school again and make other people as enlightened as you have left us in the future.
“I really enjoyed the spellings, quizzing and Sudoku. It was a lot of fun interacting with you. I learnt very varied aspects of GK than just learning facts. Thank you sir, I enjoyed it a lot.”

“Good workshop. Debates and Drama were fun. Idea of Quiz was good, more GK questions would be nice. Thank you for the workshop.”

“Amazing workshop!! Really enjoyed. Learnt a lot. Thanks.”

“I liked this workshop a lot. It helped me get over my fear of public speaking. I really liked the debating and acting parts. The quiz also helped me test my mind. Thank you Sir.”

“A quiz at the end of workshop. Otherwise it was fun and enjoyed it a lot.”

“Good workshop. Very informative. Enjoyed the Quiz on the second day.”

“Sir, I loved the workshop. There was a lot of interaction, fun and I got to learn a lot in this workshop and I am sure it will help boost up my confidence level. I must say it was a pleasure being with you Sir.”

“It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Tandon. Some amazing activities. Sir, Thank you so much. I loved the Stoop Effect. Hope to see you again in Delhi.”

“It was a fun and interesting workshop. I did not expect it to be this fun.”

“I learnt about quick thinking, more about debating, some new abbreviations. It was a good mental workout. I learnt how to do Sudoku. I enjoyed a lot, it was very interactive. The only thing it lacked was a GK/Current Affairs round as not many of us get time to do all that.
On the whole it was a fun and new experience.”

“Very entertaining, enjoyable, interesting workshop. Loved everything there was, especially the quiz thing.

@ The British Council, New Delhi

“Although we shared just 4 days together but the memories we shared last long. The fun we did together, the confidence you built in us just in 4 days is amazing. The trust you built in us and the trust we built in you gets stronger. You have been a cause of many smiles some of which were ours. Even though we won’t meet you after this but we want to be your best students forever. This workshop has taught us many things and all credit goes to you. THANK YOU”

“Thanks so much for teaching us so much!!!J”

“You are the best teacher. Thank you so much!!!”

“You made the workshop so much fun!”

“It was an awesome workshop!”

“4 days of awesome quizzing, only because of you. Was great fun coming here”

“What words can I say? So friendly and an excellent way of learning. What to say, I am in a dilemma.”

“We enjoyed with you Sir!”

“We had great fun and enjoyed the workshop”

“It had been a wonderful experience with you. I enjoyed every bit of it and look forward to having another workshop with you, eagerly.”

“It was such a good time to learn with you. I enjoyed the workshop and I look forward to meet you for a workshop again. Thank you!”
“The workshop was outstanding! Thank you!! J”

“Thank you so much Sir! I had a really great time here. Amazing!!!”

“Truly I didn’t know what debate was all about and felt shy on going to the stage. But your support encouraged me to get out of my quietness. Thank you so much.”

“It has been a pleasure being associated with The Discovery Club Challenge. This annual event is eagerly awaited in the school calendar. The workshops, quiz style of the competition and tips given in the workshops are very helpful to all the students. Every year an increasing number of students are participating in the competition.

The overwhelming response received this year, speaks volumes about its popularity. We wish that the competition grows bigger and larger so that more schools participate. Our best wishes to the Discovery Club team.”

– Head (Middle School)
Manav Rachna International School, Gurgaon

“First of all I would like to congratulate you for the ‘rise and rise of Discovery club’. The vision and precision of your activities has been quite challenging and analytical and it is also evident from the fact that the number of participating schools with Discovery club have almost doubled, in the second year itself. The Experience with discovery club has been a journey in itself towards excellence. I am glad that our students are participating and winning at this extremely inventive platform year after year.”

– Principal, JM International School, Dwarka

“When we received the invite for the Discovery Science Quiz, initially we were not certain that whether we should opt for it; as we had already booked in many Olympiads.

On talking to quiz organizers, we got intrigued and agreed to have the initial session for Middle School classes in the school auditorium. The format of the quizzes generated a lot of enthusiasm in the students.

The inductive sessions were well- conducted and many students felt interested. Finally three teams reached the finals to be conducted at the Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon . Our teams lost the final Championship in English Wizard by just one point and also won the First Runners Up position in Puzzle Perfect.

With two First Runners Up trophies, the students hope to compete with the best yet again and are determined to win the coveted trophies. The learning that happened is more precious than the winnings.”

– Principal, Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sec 18, Dwarka

“Thank you for the wonderful show you put up in our school. I am keenly appreciative of the sense of involvement you had with each contestant and each participating school, the faith you put in us and of course, the extremely inventive and challenging content of the G.K Quiz and English Wizard. I am really glad that we were a part of such stimulating competitions”

– Shalom Hills International School, Gurgaon

“We are appreciative of the efforts of Discovery Club which has contributed immensely in fostering intelligent curiosity and thirst for knowledge among students.The students are exposed to knowledge from all disciplines and current affairs.

Our association with ‘Discovery Club’, has been a prolific experience wherein the entire student community stands to be benefited. Wishing Discovery Club the best in all endeavors.”

– Principal, Bhatnagar International School, Vasant Kunj

“On behalf of G.D. Goenka Public School, Greater Noida, I would like to express our earnest appreciation and at the same time thank you for conducting the preparatory workshops for the Discovery Club Quiz. We would sincerely appreciate the efforts put in by you in preparing our students for the Quiz.”

– Principal, GD Goenka Public School, Greater Noida

“Our association with Discovery Club is two years old. The objectives of the club are Noble as it helps a child to identify his potential. Discovery Club takes keen interest in nurturing the students to achieve these objectives.

The end result is a student who has grown in terms of knowledge, connected to country and equipped with soft skills which is the demand of the future. “

– Principal, Sehwag International School, Jhajjar

“The sessions were invigorating and well planned. Your platform gave our students the opportunity and an exposure to compete with many other schools from Delhi / NCR. I am sure that this will prepare them for bigger challenges in future.”

– Principal, Ridge Valley School, Gurgaon

“First of all I would like to congratulate you on the success of your event. It was a mesmerizing experience for me which changed my preconceptions towards G K quizzing which I earlier thought to be quite boring. “

-Participant in the semi-final event, 2014